No Fallon Applause For “APPLAUSE” Signs!

No Fallon Applause For “APPLAUSE” Signs! thumbnail

HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE… JIMMY FALLON hates those flashing “APPLAUSE” signs NBC brass hung overhead on the revamped “Tonight Show” set – and wants them gone!

“Jimmy was furious when he found out about the signs,” says a studio source.

“He complained to execs and flatly said, ‘I don’t want them!’ He’s adamant about not using any ‘sweeteners’ because he likes the audience’s responses to be real in every sense – even insisting there be NO laugh tracks. NBC went ahead and installed the signs anyway, claiming all talk shows have them.

"But Jimmy’s clout’s growing along with his ratings, so it’ll be just a matter of time before he’ll be applauding their total removal!”

Stay tuned.