No Butts About it: Guy Diners Fight To Get Behind Sofia Vergara!

No ifs or ands…my SOFIA VERGARA tale’s got a big BUTT behind it!

That’s why guys’ eyes popped outta sockets when Senorita Sexy suddenly strutted into a Madhattan pita joint, joined a long, long line – then waited patiently to place her order!

“Sofia was immediately recognized by both patrons and staffers,” said an eyewitness, “and guys were literally tripping over themselves, offering her their place in line.

"But she just kept saying, ‘No, thank you – I’ll just wait like everybody else!’ Even when employees came to take the star’s order ahead of the crowd, she politely declined.”

Spicy Dish finally placed her order, picked up her Hawaiian Chicken Pita, and cooed loudly before exiting: “Thank you, everyone, sooo much for being SO nice to me…!”…then smiled sweetly as one grateful guy bellowed: “Standing behind Sofia Vergara is the best damn view in the city!”