Nice Guy MICHAEL J. FOX battles execs to make life cool for extras!

Let’s hear a cheer for MICHAEL J. FOX, who – despite having lots to deal with every day of his life as a Parkinson’s sufferer – was hailed as a hero by the so-called “little people” on the set of his highly anticipated new NBC series, “The Michael J. Fox Show.”

Taping in sweltering Madhattan, Michael got burning mad when he noticed that 50-odd people working as extras had been (1) herded into a too-small room where (2) the air conditioner was barely wheezing!

Reports go-to gossip gal Onda Settalot: “At first, Michael calmly told the powers-that-be that the room was way too hot and ordered them to turn the air conditioner up to its highest setting.

"But a half-hour later, when he checked again to see if people were comfortable, Michael found the room boiling hot – and blew his stack!

"He called execs over pronto, demanded they take immediate action – and within ten minutes the extras were ushered into a much bigger, much cooler room.

"And they never stopped singing Michael’s praises!”