I quit being a GEORGE CLOONEY fanboy when he stupidly blamed “the paparazzi” for PRINCESS DIANA’s death at the hands of a drunken chauffeur, but I fairly report all the news you really need to know, so hear this:

The reason you don’t see Clooney parading around TV talk shows promoting his blockbuster flick “Gravity” is because Mr. Nice Guy doesn’t want to steal the spotlight from co-star SANDRA BULLOCK.

Said a close Clooney pal: “The buzz around Hollywood is that Sandra’s a shoo-in for another Best Actress Oscar nomination, and George wants everyone to know that ‘Gravity’ is a Sandra Bullock movie… not a George Clooney movie! He’s told execs he’s happy to promote the film…but only with Sandra by his side.”

Okay, I’m almost liking the guy again for that, but…! 

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