New Doggie’s Got Miley Barking!

New Doggie’s Got Miley Barking! thumbnail


After mourning the death of her beloved pooch Floyd in April, MILEY CYRUS is joyfully wagging her tail after welcoming a new bow-wow into her home – Emu, a collie mix – and took him out shopping for chew toys and such at a San Fernando Valley pet shop, where a 40-ish lady approached and asked if she’d pretty-please pose for pics with her 12-year-old son.

“The woman said her boy was a big fan, and while Miley can be mouthy, she’s well-known for being exceedingly polite to fans,” said my source.

So she wrapped her arm around the kid and mugged for the camera.

Then came trouble! Miley had her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth, which is sort of her trademark. “The woman didn’t seem pleased, and grouched, ‘Could you put your tongue back in your mouth!…My word, you look like a starving Mastiff!’ Miley retains the Southern manners she learned growing up in Tennessee, but takes orders from NOBODY! She told the woman, ‘Fine, I’m doing you a favor, but you want to be rude…I’m outta here!’”

Taking a fast bow-WOW, Miley blew off the barking bitch and exited with her doggie!