Photography by: NBC Dateline

A man who’d attack a helpless child is NOT a man, so I’m calling out cowardly CHRIS HANSEN – best known for exposing Internet sex perverts on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” – for viciously slurring the 1-year-old baby of JOHN TRAVOLTA and KELLY PRESTON!

This lowlife creep went on Detroit radio show “Mojo in the Morning” to answer questions about The ENQUIRER’s riveting “gotcha” series that unmasked the father of two as a hot-sheet artist cheating on his wife with TWO women – a sexy blonde TV news anchor, and a Hollywood stripper!

NBC’s “journalist” squealed that our exposes were “tabloid nonsense” – eerily echoing those “tabloid trash” wails from JOHN EDWARDS when we exposed the love child he’d sired as his wife lay dying of cancer.

So take heed, Hansen: Deny our bang-on “busts” of your slimy sexcapades all you want – it’s a free country! – but hang your cowardly head in shame for your degrading, disgusting sound bite on the “Mojo” show.

You said: “Remember that the story next to one of the stories was that John Travolta’s son was an alien!” (Italics mine.) LIAR, Hansen!

Our story was about Travolta’s health fears for his newborn son! So to duck the heat, Haircut, you viciously mocked the man’s baby!