TWILIGHT DELIGHT: When a noisy pool party packed with skinny-dipping guests at a swanky Hollywood Hills mansion blasted on into the wee hours, an enraged next-door neighbor – a 50-ish woman – suddenly stormed over and screamed, “The yelling and loud music HAS TO STOP – or I’m calling the police!”

Said My SpyWitness: “She stood there sort of shaking her fists…until she saw ‘Twilight’ stud ROBERT PATTINSON sitting in a Jacuzzi — and her jaw dropped when Rob stood up until the water line barely covered his pelvis. It was SO obvious he had no bathing suit on!”

With a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other, Rob — drawling in his thickest English accent — apologized profusely for interrupting the lady’s beauty sleep.

 “That did it – she looked like she was about to faint” said the source.

“She sat and immediately started billing and cooing about Rob’s work on the ‘Twilight’ movies and his relationship with KRISTEN STEWART. She forgot all about the loud music – until about twenty minutes later, when her husband came barreling onto the property, demanding they shut down the noise immediately!”

Wifey tried to introduce Rob, but Hubby bellowed: “I don’t give a f*** who he is — I just want to go to sleep!”

That stopped the fun — and the music – as Hubby dragged Wifey back to beddy-bye.