Naked truth: Marry-mad PRINCE HARRY gets ‘love lessons’ from PRINCESS KATE!

Naked truth: Marry-mad PRINCE HARRY gets ‘love lessons’ from PRINCESS KATE! thumbnail

HOT, SEXY BRIT ROYALS UPDATE: Devil-may-care, booze-and-babes-loving PRINCE HARRY routinely makes shock headlines cavorting naked with Vegas hotties – or machine-gunning Taliban terrorists from his combat chopper, but get this: Wild Child’s suddenly confessed to brother PRINCE WILLIAM and pregnant sis-in-law/ Princess of Our Hearts KATE MIDDLETON that he’s… are you ready, ladies?…finally, truly IN LOVEshrieeeek!…but here’s the heart-tugging kicker: Ginger-haired Harry, famed for his fearlessness, admits he’s terrified he’ll screw up his romance with gorgeous new sweetheart CRESSIDA BONAS – just like he’s done with so many things in the past – so Li’l Bro’s literally begging his homies for…“HELP!”

Reveals My Palace Spy: “Harry’s so head-over-heels in love with Cressida that, with Prince William’s approval, he’s enlisted Kate’s help to make sure he doesn’t sabotage the relationship.

"Harry told Kate he totally respects her opinion and guidance, and he’s relying on her advice because Cressida is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with! Kate, who wants nothing more than to see her rowdy brother-in-law finally settle down, sat with Harry and counseled him on the do’s and don’ts of building a great relationship. She’s told him: Don’t drink too much – and none of your filthy jokes! Be attentive; never talk about ex-girlfriends – and don’t put yourself in any more situations that are embarrassing to you and everyone around you!”

Unlike happy-go-lucky Harry of yore, Flyboy Prince suddenly seems totally grounded after talking to Kate – taking every word she says in dead seriousness. “No one has seen Harry like this before,” said the source. “It’s obvious Cressida has won his heart – so we’re all hoping that he doesn’t mess things up. Even William’s amazed at his brother’s newfound maturity in realizing that he’s found the right girl – and desperately wants to do the right thing and make it work.”