Photography by: Getty Images Entertainment


“JUST AS HAPPY AS A COW CHEWIN’ ON A CUD…!” In a desperate attempt to halt the notorious nail-biting that’s got “X Factor” producers in a tizzy because her fingers look like bloody stumps, BRITNEY SPEARS has substituted gum chewing – chomping through about FOUR packs a day!

Shopping at a Sunset Blvd. pharmacy, Britney chewed through a whole pack, stocked up on more and told the cashier: “Hey, it’s either gum or chewing my nails – I’m a nervous girl!”

An elderly lady patted her on the back and said: “Good for you, honey!”

Brit is working hard to keep her choppers off her nails.

Sighed a show backstager: “When she’s not taping, she chomps on the gum – and snaps it in her mouth so loud even her mom tells her to cool it. Talk about chewing the cud!”