Mommy-To-Be Kunis Suffers Panic Attack Over New Dad Tatum’s Scary Baby Tales!

SHUT UP, DADDY! Out promoting her new movie “Jupiter Ascending” with co-star and new dad CHANNING TATUM, soon-to-be-first-time-mom MILA KUNIS got an earful about the joys of parenthood – and ended up scared half to death!

During breaks on their press junket, said my source, Channing “thought he was doing a good thing when he excitedly told Mila how he and actress wife JENNA DEWAN got totally sleep-deprived after daughter Everly was born last year – and as he lovingly described how they’d get up several times each night to change dirty diapers or breast-feed, and how his wife packed on 33 pounds during her pregnancy, Mila’s face went white!”

It didn’t hit Channing that he’d gone way too far until he started describing the sheer terror of watching helplessly as Jenna suffered terrible labor pains!

Said the source: “He told Mila, ‘I had to run out of the labor room four times! There’s a reason guys don’t go through childbirth.’ And that’s when Channing finally realized white-faced Mila was actually shaking in terror from his baby tales. He said, ‘Oh God, I’ve scared the crap out of you, haven’t I? I’m so sorry.’ Then, trying to make it all better, he gushed, ‘Being a parent is so totally wonderful and incredible – I can’t wait for you to experience it!’”