Missing Purse Perturbs Bullock

Missing Purse Perturbs Bullock thumbnail

 Out dining and dishing with pals at a WeHo eatery, bubbly SANDRA BULLOCK reached for her purse as she jumped up to head for the powder room – and FREAKED!

“Where’s my purse?” she screamed. “Oh, f***!…What did I do with my purse?”

Recalled an on-scene source: “Sandra’s dinner guests went into a tizzy and immediately started searching the booth they were sitting in – and on the floor underneath it. The manager came running and started searching himself as he tried to calm his distraught movie star customer – and then it happened: A busboy came running from the kitchen with Sandra’s purse in hand, frantically apologizing for its disappearance!”

The guy explained that when he’d cleaned her table – and removed the soiled tablecloth – he hadn’t seen the tiny, cocktail purse, so it got rolled up and tossed into the dirty linen basket.

Said the source: “Sandra, incredibly relieved, told the frazzled busboy not to worry about it – then she opened her bag, retrieved two $20 bills and tipped the stunned guy!”