MILEY’s stunning ‘SNL’ triumph – Grrrl’s MUCH smarter than she looks!

MILEY’s stunning ‘SNL’ triumph – Grrrl’s MUCH smarter than she looks! thumbnail

SNL” LOVES SMILEY MILEY! In the smartest, swiftest PR switch in showbiz history, crazy-like-a-fox MILEY CYRUS transformed her image from twerky-jerky-nutty-slutty pop tart to diva extraordinaire with her incredible tour de force performance as singer/actor/ comedienne on “Saturday Night Live” – AND made everyone, from stars to stagehands, fall in love with her!

Said My SNL Spy: “Everyone expected Miley to show up with major attitude – but were stunned when she turned out to be a sweetheart!

"She went out of her way to be kind to everyone – just plain old nice – posing for pictures and signing autographs for the backstage crew.

"And even though she’s just about the most famous person on the planet, she was totally down to earth throughout long days of meetings, rehearsals and performances with the ‘SNL’ stars, and NEVER displayed an ounce of attitude.

"In fact, LORNE MICHAELS commented that Miley’s probably the most un-diva performer who’s ever done the show!”

So what’s her secret? Rhymes with “twerk,” folks! (NO, not “jerk”…WORK!) 

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