HE CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION! Massachusetts Sen. SCOTT BROWN spotted MICK JAGGER sweatin’ through a workout in the gym at the BevHills Four Seasons Hotel, scuttled over to the Rolling Stone like some guy groupie and warbled “Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself ” – or words to that effect.

Mick, in no mood for small talk, said tersely: “Nice to meet you, but I’m kinda busy here trying to work out.” In a lame bid to amp up his star status, Brown burbled that he’d succeeded the late, great Sen. EDWARD KENNEDY – and asked for Mick’s autograph.

But the grizzled rocker shot him down with: “Well, you certainly have some pretty big shoes to fill.” And off he walked to another area of the gym, ignoring Brown’s autograph request!

Sorry, Gov’nor…er, Senator, but YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WAAAANT!!..