Meredith and Hoda go right in the toilet!

Meredith and Hoda go right in the toilet! thumbnail

Looks like NBC’s upcoming TV talk-fest, “The MEREDITH VIEIRA Show,” is already in the toilet, so to speak:

Bubbly “Today” co-host HODA KOTB gleefully agreed to a super-weird segment with her being interviewed in an actual toilet at iconic 30 Rock – while sitting in a stall next to pal/host Vieira! … Say waat? …

Explained My Insider: “You only see the gals’ feet dangling under the closed stall doors as they chit-chat – but Hoda still wanted to look spectacular, so she ‘dressed up.’ She’d arrived wearing her favorite old ’n’ ugly, scuffed-up beige walking flats, then switched to gorgeous, brand-new designer heels.

"But she forgot to retrieve her icky flats after the taping – and when she went back to get them later, they’d disappeared. Hoda was heartbroken! Saying she loved her old shoes, she was practically in tears. She called the production office, but no one had them, and Hoda was sure they’d been thrown away.”

But when Meredith heard what had happened, she went into overdrive, called everyone on the production – even the building janitors – and ordered all trash cans and dumpsters searched.

“Miraculously, Hoda’s ugly kicks appeared in a paper bag in Meredith’s office a few hours later,” said the source. “So she sent them over to her pal – along with a huge bouquet of flowers!”