Is there anything MELISSA MCCARTHY can’t do?

“The Heat” star just won a case of beer – and shared it with the crew of her new flick, “Tammy” – after beating the pants off a veteran male stunt driver…in a driving competition!

Said my on-set source: “Melissa bet  this stunt driver that she could beat him at backing a car with a trailer attached into a small space.

"The pro stunt guy – and most of the cast and crew – started laughing, but he took the bet.

"As everyone watched, he expertly maneuvered car and trailer into the tight space on the very first try.

"Tension built as Melissa climbed into the driver’s seat – but everyone gasped, then cheered like crazy, when she backed the trailer into the cramped space lickety-split!

"Because they’d both managed the feat, the winner was decided by tape-measuring who’d gotten closest to the curb.

"And the WINNER was… Melissa!

"She felt bad and told the red-faced stunt guy she’d foot the beer bill, but added, ‘Don’t ever doubt me – I’m a farmer’s daughter.

"I’ve been backing up trucks and trailers my whole life!’”