Mean Grrrl KATHERINE “Heil” HEIGL gets hers!

Mean Grrrl KATHERINE “Heil” HEIGL gets hers! thumbnail

REVENGE IS SOOO SWEET! Speaking of meanie mom-agers, ex-“Grey’s Anatomy” beauty KATHERINE HEIGL famously blamed mother/manager NANCY for nearly capsizing her career due to diva behavior and downright meanness to producers, directors, script and wardrobe people, etc., and the star “isn’t making friends” on the set of her newest film, “Jenny’s Wedding” – but the “little people” are finally fighting back!

Said an insider: “Katherine’s extremely unfriendly to all the crew and production assistants, barking orders and treating them like servants. There’s never a ‘please’ or ‘thank you,’ and God forbid you address her by her first name or make eye contact!”

But production staff and crew are getting even with “Heil Heigl.”

Said the source: “Whenever she demands coffee, instead of using the sugar substitute and nonfat creamer that she orders, they’re putting her under a secret fat attack by giving her real sugar and cream!”

Take that, Katherine! If you’ve wondered why you’re porking up lately, remember – you read it here first