Over burgers at Johnny Rockets in Hollywood, hottie MEGAN FOX, famed for her fascination with the occult, jabbered to lunch companions about the Mayan calendar prediction that world’s end was mere days away – not realizing that her colorful descriptions of aliens landing in spaceships to kill off the human race was scaring the bejeebers out of two preteen children sitting nearby!

Finally, the kids’ exasperated mom leaned over and begged Megan: “Please stop talking about the world coming to an end! You’re really frightening my children.”

Megan, a new mom herself, was mortified and immediately apologized, assuring the youngsters she’d just been talking “make-believe stuff.”

But the minute the kids and mom split, said my source, Megan went Mayan all over again.

(NOTE: If you’re reading this, Megan’s dead wrong. And if you’re not…well, it’s been fun, folks!)…