MAKING PRETTY GIRLS CRY? Just a walk in the park for JOHNNY DEPP

MAKING PRETTY GIRLS CRY? Just a walk in the park for JOHNNY DEPP thumbnail

As supermodel KATE MOSS sobs on the new “Vanity Fair” cover about her “nightmare” split from JOHNNY DEPP and “years and years of crying,” I scoop you this equally weepy Hollywood tale – so whip out your hankies, Gossip Fans!

The Scene: LA’s legendary La Brea Tar Pits park, where extinct beasts lie trapped under ancient oil fields.

The Players: A star famed for her iconic role in a smash-hit TV series – and ENQUIRER readers DALE and KRYSTYNA DAVIS.

Action: Wed that morning at Beverly Hills Courthouse, Dale and Krystyna celebrate with a picnic in the park.

Dale reports: “Suddenly, this lady walks by, touches a tree 10 feet from us…and begins to cry. She starts taking cell phone pictures of the tree. My wife says, ‘That’s a famous actress.’ So I walk over, ask if she’s all right, and…is she an actress?

She says: ‘Yes, my name is SHERILYN FENN.’”

WOW! The star sex kitten of TV’s cult classic/worldwide hit “Twin Peaks” then points out fading carved initials in the tree’s bark and says: “I’ve been looking for this tree for years. See those initials – ‘JD’ and ‘SF’ with a heart around them? Thirty years ago, my fiance Johnny Depp and I came here, drank Jack Daniel’s and Coke – and he carved our initials. Johnny was my first love… and you never forget your first love.”

Wiping away a tear, Sherilyn – who ended up marrying another – told Dale and Krystyna: “I hope you guys are together in 30 years!” Folks, your tough-as-tree-bark gossip reporter admits misty eyes as I reveal this touching Untold Story!

(How’d it grab you, Johnny Depp?)