MAKING PRETTY GIRLS CRY? Just a walk in the park for JOHNNY DEPP
Photography by: Splash News Online

As supermodel KATE MOSS sobs on the new “Vanity Fair” cover about her “nightmare” split from JOHNNY DEPP and “years and years of crying,” I scoop you this equally weepy Hollywood tale – so whip out your hankies, Gossip Fans!

The Scene: LA’s legendary La Brea Tar Pits park, where extinct beasts lie trapped under ancient oil fields.

The Players: A star famed for her iconic role in a smash-hit TV series – and ENQUIRER readers DALE and KRYSTYNA DAVIS.

Action: Wed that morning at Beverly Hills Courthouse, Dale and Krystyna celebrate with a picnic in the park.

Dale reports: “Suddenly, this lady walks by, touches a tree 10 feet from us...and begins to cry. She starts taking cell phone pictures of the tree. My wife says, ‘That’s a famous actress.’ So I walk over, ask if she’s all right, she an actress?

She says: ‘Yes, my name is SHERILYN FENN.’”

WOW! The star sex kitten of TV’s cult classic/worldwide hit “Twin Peaks” then points out fading carved initials in the tree’s bark and says: “I’ve been looking for this tree for years. See those initials – ‘JD’ and ‘SF’ with a heart around them? Thirty years ago, my fiance Johnny Depp and I came here, drank Jack Daniel’s and Coke – and he carved our initials. Johnny was my first love... and you never forget your first love.”

Wiping away a tear, Sherilyn – who ended up marrying another – told Dale and Krystyna: “I hope you guys are together in 30 years!” Folks, your tough-as-tree-bark gossip reporter admits misty eyes as I reveal this touching Untold Story!

(How’d it grab you, Johnny Depp?)