INFURIATED live-in love Christine Baumgarten by playing macho man at his Aspen, Colo., ranch — suffering a painful injury that nearly crushed his foot when a TRACTOR fell on him! Costner — as I revealed exclusively weeks ago — is building a palatial second house on his ranch, and insisted on clearing some heavy brush with a tractor. Christine argued he should hire an experienced contractor, but Costner pooh-poohed her — and trouble struck midway through the job! The tractor’s huge wheels got hung up in mud! Rather than go for help, Mr. Macho gunned the engine, threw it in reverse and . . . CRASH! The tractor toppled, pinning his leg against a log! Costner screamed until ranch hands came running and hoisted the tractor off him! Luckily, the star’s leg wasn’t broken, but he couldn’t walk for several days. “I TOLD you to hire someone,” complained concerned Christine — but stubborn Costner STILL vows he’ll finish the job when his wounds heal! Stay tuned.