Loopy LILO begs for sperm donors – says BABY will turn her life around!


QUICK QUIZ, KIDS! If you’re LINDSAY LOHAN and notoriously incapable of thinking clearly or keeping yourself out of trouble – #Booze #Drugs #CarCrashes – what would be the dumbest-ever scheme to turn your troubled life around?

You guessed it, folks…GIVE BIRTH TO A BABY!!

“Lindsay’s approached several male friends and asked them to be sperm donors,” said My Lohan Spy.

“She thinks having a baby will keep her on the straight and narrow! She has it in her head that she’s totally clean, and wants a baby because she feels it’s the one thing that would keep her grounded. She’s talked about having a baby before, which we all thought was ridiculous, and we still can’t believe she’s thinking about it now – but she’s actively trying to recruit sperm-daddies!

"One guy Lindsay contacted told her, ‘You’re joking, right?’ When she told him she wasn’t, he turned her down flat, saying, ‘You’re still in rehab! Why don’t you wait and see if you can take care of yourself before you think about bringing a kid into the world.’”

As we say in Gollywood, folks…OMFG!