Photography by: Splash News Online

Dead beat after an exhausting out-of-town location shoot, “Looper” star JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT arrived back at his Hollywood Hills home an evening earlier than expected, walked through his front door eager to hit the rack – and got the shock of his life!

Said my source: “Hit with a blast of blaring music, Joseph came face to face with more than 50 strangers throwing an out-of-control party at his place.

"Setting down his bags, he was confronted by a mob of people drinking, dancing and sprawling all over his couches and chairs. In a fury, he strode over to his sound system, flipped the OFF switch, then faced the crowd and bellowed: ‘All of you out of here… NOW!’

"As people grabbed their stuff and scattered like flies, some actually asked, ‘Who the hell is this guy?’

"After herding everyone out, Joseph collared the jerk who’d been hired to house-sit and told him, ‘You’re fired!’ ”

Finally alone, Joseph surveyed the mess, decided to leave the cleanup till morning – and headed off for bed