LIZ TAYLOR’s spirit assures LiLo: Your comeback’s DEAD certain!

LIZ TAYLOR’s spirit assures LiLo: Your comeback’s DEAD certain! thumbnail

Despite LINDSAY LOHAN’s latest scandalous screwup – rear-ending a truck in her pricey Porsche and risking jail by lying to cops that she wasn’t driving – Wild Thang gloated to pals she’s dead certain her TV movie “Liz & Dick” will catapult her back to superstardom because… BOO!…dead LIZ TAYLOR personally promised it!

Confided a source on the film: “Lindsay told friends that after landing the coveted glamour queen role, she suffered extreme anxiety about whether she could actually pull it off – so she hired a psychic to contact Liz and ask for tips on how to portray her.”

The medium told LiLo it would be easier to make contact at the seance if she could bring an item that had actually belonged to the superstar.

Luckily, a hairdresser on Lindsay’s film who’d once worked with Liz had kept one of her hairbrushes – with strands of her hair still twined in its bristles.

Said the source: “Lindsay brought the brush to the seance, and said that just moments after the medium closed her eyes, the room grew very cold! Then, as she held Lindsay’s hands tightly, the medium’s eyes opened wide – and she whispered that Liz’s spirit had entered the room!”

Lindsay told pals that for the next five minutes, the medium communicated with Liz – who insisted she was very pleased Lindsay had been chosen to portray her. Better yet, Liz promised the project would definitely relaunch her career.

Now Lindsay’s convinced she’s got the chops – and chop-portunity – to jump-start her new life!