Livid COURTNEY and CHELSEA snubbed as Maid of Honor for BFF JENNIFER!

STAY TOTALLY TUNED! JENNIFER ANISTON’s shocked the pants off COURTENEY COX and CHELSEA HANDLER…(and me!)… by informing both BFFs that neither will stand at the altar as her honorable Maid of Honor when she weds JUSTIN THEROUX!

And here, in so many words, is the weird decision she’s made: “Girls, I just can’t choose between you, so I’m asking another close  galpal!”

YeeeOW!…Gasped My Nuptials Spy: “Courteney’s incredibly upset, and who can blame her? She feels she’s the buddy who’s been by Jennifer’s side for ages – nursing her through her divorce from BRAD PITT, holding her hand through all her failed relationships. They’ve had an 18-year history of being there for each other – but Chelsea’s been in the picture just two years. Courteney’s surprised and hurt that Jennifer considers them equal friends!”

Now brace for this mind-blower: Jennifer’s actually stunned that Courteney’s taking it so hard!

Said my source: “Now she’s trying desperately to figure out how to keep both best pals happy.”

(Hey, Jen, listen up – ditch your dilemma by dubbing your dueling divas DUAL Maids of Honor! It’s a tad weird – but you’re a STAR, grrrl!…Oh, you’re welcome.)