Just told you veteran gossip columnist LIZ SMITH started a Death Countdown Clock ticking on LINDSAY LOHAN – saying she fears LiLo’s fated to join the “27 Club” that proved fatal for JANIS and JIMI, JIM MORRISON, KURT COBAIN, AMY WINEHOUSE, etc., at that age – and now comes this scary moment:

After partying hearty with pals, Lindsay hit the ritzy Hotel Bel-Air Spa for a hot stone massage, passed out cold – and attendants actually feared she was DEAD when they couldn’t wake her!

“The spa manager came running and began to shake Lindsay – who finally stirred a bit, grumbling that she needed to sleep,” said a hotel insider.

“The manager told her they needed the room for another client, but Lindsay wouldn’t budge. She just kept her head down and lay motionless. Finally, the manager instructed her massage therapist to service her next client in another room, and they’d let Lindsay sleep it off. Some 90 minutes later, the troubled star emerged looking like a rag doll, paid her bill and left!”

(Tick, tock…tick, tock…!)