LILO LASHES OUT as pals warn: JAIL’s your ONLY hope for life!


As the LINDSAY LOHAN life clock ticks down to Armageddon, even close friends who’d once hoped she might survive if she were committed to a psych ward are now praying she gets thrown in jail – noting she’s facing a possible eight months behind bars for lying to cops about her car crash!

“Jail time is the only thing that may save her life,” says a friend.

“Lindsay’s in total denial and won’t accept responsibility for all the things she’s done.

"Rehab is not an option. It never worked for her! What will work is stripping her of her everyday luxuries and keeping her locked up in a cell.”

After the two-fisted hellcat allegedly punched out a woman at a New York club, one frustrated friend actually told Lindsay to her face that jail time “would do her good,” prompting the drunk/drug addict/ convicted thief to lash out at her pal: “Everyone is out to get me – even my best friends. I’m not a f****** criminal. How dare you tell me I need to be in jail! Get the f*** out of my life!”

Tick, tock…tick tock…!