LILO DEATH WATCH?? thumbnail

Folks, I’m not easily shocked, but…YIKES!…fellow gossiper/old pal LIZ SMITH, who dished dirt for decades with trademark gentility at the “New York Post” and is now syndicated nationally, blew my mind when she suddenly started a Death Countdown Clock tick-tocking on wild child LINDSAY LOHAN, aka God’s Gift to Gossip!

After rhapsodizing about meeting LiLo as a young actress, and finding her totally adorable and talented, Liz went rogue and wrote: “I can’t trash her even now.

I can only beg somebody to step in and take action before the next headline is: ‘Lindsay Dead.’ I have this awful creepy feeling that she is going to join the ‘27 Club’ – all those stars like JANIS and JIMI and JIM MORRISON, KURT COBAIN, AMY WINEHOUSE, etc., who passed at that age. (HEATH LEDGER was 28. Close enough.)”

WHOA, LIZ: I pray – as do many readers, I suspect – that this talented girl, shoved down the road to Hell way too young by money-grubbing parents DINA and MICHAEL LOHAN, will finally get strong – and get straight!

Despite my many shocking scoops about LiLo’s peccadillos, I’ve never seen her as a real “Mean Girl” – so, folks, join Liz Smith and me in a heartfelt moment of prayer for LiLo, starting…NOW!