Levine’s Bride Forbids Wild Parties As Pals Chuckle: ‘Dream on, Behati!’

“Maroon 5” star ADAM LEVINE’s pals – ignoring the hard-partying rocker’s vows to new bride BEHATI PRINSLOO that his dirty-dog days are over – just chuckle quietly as they await the end of the honeymoon period, TOTALLY confident that “The Voice” star will soon send a “LET’S PARTY” signal…and relaunch his notoriously wild-and-crazy what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas boys-ONLY bashes!

Insiders admit that Victoria’s Secret supermodel Behati laid down the law to Adam: “No more crazy trips with your friends – or NO WEDDING!”

But a close pal insists: “NO WAY these trips are over forever – we literally LIVE for them! Adam arranges everything and treats all his closest friends, including oldest pal JONAH HILL. And we always had the WILDEST times…you can’t even imagine! A friend once asked Adam if he could bring his girlfriend, and Adam said, ‘You don’t take sand to the beach!’ So for now, we wait – it’ll soon be Vegas time again, no ifs, ands or buts!”

Chuckling, the source added, “Well…maybe some butts!”

Are Levine’s Vegas bashes really that wild? Country boy BLAKE SHELTON told LA’s KISS FM News: “Even if I got the invitation, my wife (MIRANDA LAMBERT) wouldn’t let me go to an Adam Levine bachelor party, no matter what!”