Leo ‘He Ain’t Gay’ DiCaprio Admits Major MAN CRUSH!

Leo ‘He Ain’t Gay’ DiCaprio Admits Major MAN CRUSH! thumbnail
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Take it from your all-wise, all-knowing Gossip Guru: Leo DiCaprio AIN’T GAY — but eyebrows shot sky-high when he suddenly got super man-friendly super-fast with “The Revenant” co-star Tom Hardy, admitting at first blush he’s got a longtime MAN CRUSH! Gasped My On-Set Spy: “On the very first day of shooting, Leo welcomed Tom, gushed about how talented and gorgeous he is — then told him, ‘I’ve had a man crush on you for years! … I’ve seen ALL your movies! I’m straight, but I can appreciate another man’s beauty, and you’re exceptional!’” Tom, now married with two tots after waving buh-bye to his highly publicized so-called “bisexual” lifestyle, was visibly gob-smacked by Leo’s hot praise (maybe thinking, “NOW you tell me?!”), and gushed giddily, “Ah, mate — you’re making me blush!” Stay tuned … (just in case!).