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LEO’S TITANIC PIZZA PROBLEM! Lunching with a pal at a WeHo eatery, LEO DICAPRIO kept moaning, “I want it so much!” – but was NOT talking about women:

The starved star was jones-ing for PIZZA!

Said My SpyWitness: “Leo, who’s sensitive about looking a tad tubby lately in photos, had actually ordered a pizza, but when the waiter placed it in front of him, he kept saying, ‘I want it so much,’ stared at it for a super-long time without taking a single bite – then finally told the waiter, ‘Take it away and bring me a salad.’

"But when he got his salad, he sneered and said, ‘What I want is a PIZZA! I should have what I want!’ Patting his stomach again, he reordered a pizza, but when it came, he grimaced, growled and snapped, ‘You know what…I’m taking it to GO!’ So he grabbed it and exited without eating anything!”