Photography by: Splash News Online

Red-hot “Girls” creator/star LENA DUNHAM flatly denied that a new sparkler she’s suddenly sporting on her wedding finger is an engagement ring – but My GrammySpy reports that Lena was literally twitching with excitement as she burbled to pals backstage that she and beau JACK ANTONOFF – of the Grammy-winning hit group fun. – “are going to get married!”

Then she squealed she wants a BABY with “hubby” (yep, that’s what she’s calling him already)!

In a previous trendy, aren’t-we-hip-and-politically-correct moment, Lena told an interviewer that she doesn’t want to marry “until all gay people can” – but I say go for it, babe!

Gay folks are very forgiving…and love weddings!

BTW, Jack’s quirk is that he HATES wearing socks, and told pals: “When we get married, there will only be one rule – NO SOCKS!”

(Bet there’ll be a stink about that!)