Legendary ‘SNL’ comics freak out ‘ancient’ baby-daddy STEVE MARTIN!

Legendary ‘SNL’ comics freak out ‘ancient’ baby-daddy STEVE MARTIN! thumbnail

Mike Walker reports… Showing up to honor JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s fifth time hosting “Saturday Night Live” by initiating him into the elite “Five-Timers Club,” CHEVY CHASE, TOM HANKS, DAN AYKROYD, PAUL SIMON, and MARTIN SHORT surprised pal STEVE MARTIN – who’d just become a first-time dad at age 67 – with a huge basket of gifts and a big “CONGRATS!” sign!

Said an “SNL” insider: “Steve laughed when he saw yet another sign that read, ‘Old Parent Survival Kit,’ autographed by his longtime pals. The basket was filled with ‘old guy/new baby’ gag gift items – like baby diapers and adult Depends; a child’s plastic ball bat and old geezer cane; pictures of a child’s scooter and a motorized scooter for seniors; baby aspirin and Alzheimer’s pills, etc. Steve thought it was hysterical – until he spotted a black urn for cremation ashes bearing his photo…along with a note that read: ‘Here’s how your kid can take you along to college after you’re DEAD!’”

That’s when the laughter suddenly… er, died for the legendary funnyguy, reports My SpyWitness.

“It was obvious Steve felt his friends’ joke had gone too far. Looking unamused, he turned away from the basket and went to his dressing room – and later, he ordered a janitor to throw the stuff away!”