LADY GAGA grabs boy cross-dresser prancing in her FREAKY-DEAKY duds!

LADY GAGA grabs boy cross-dresser prancing in her FREAKY-DEAKY duds! thumbnail

A young houseboy thrilled to be delivering fresh towels to the Chateau Marmont bungalow of his idol, LADY GAGA – supposedly away on a shopping trip – went stark raving gaga when he saw the flamboyant star’s outrageous wigs, hats, gowns and mile-high stilettos scattered on her bed and around the room.

Revealed My Marmont Mole: “The guy went nutsHe just couldn’t resist trying on one of her wigs – and then, caught up in the moment, he actually stripped and slipped on one of Gaga’s bizarre outfits…including a pair of her towering, do-me shoes, topped off by a wild-and-crazy hat!” 

But then…the unthinkable happened! The bungalow door suddenly popped open – and in waltzed Ms. Superstar herself!

“The guy just froze, horrified to be suddenly standing face to face with Gaga – and wearing her clothes! But instead of yelling for security and getting him fired, Gaga giggled and said: ‘Honey, you have that outfit all wrong!’ Not missing a beat, she adjusted his wig, chose another hat, and – shushing the guy’s babbled apologies – started teaching him how to walk in her shoes. And she actually snapped a cell phone pic of them together!”

Not wanting to tempt fate further, the frazzled fella swiftly changed back into his work clothes, babbled a million “thank you’s” to Gaga for not turning him in – and shot out the door!

Moments later, Gaga freaked and shrieked: “Wait…was that Perez Hilton?!” (Oh, I’m kidding!) 

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