Kunis Pregnancy Driving Kutcher KRAZY!

Kunis Pregnancy Driving Kutcher KRAZY! thumbnail

CONTRACTIONS ’R US! As the due date for Baby By Fiance ASHTON KUTCHER kreeps kloser, MILA KUNIS keeps kool as a kukumber – but Daddy-O K’s gone bananas!

“Ashton is tense and always yelling, not only at photographers who get near Mila, but even at their friends who visit, telling them they’re making too much noise,” said a close pal.

“Mila keeps assuring him she’s fine and doesn’t need special treatment or peace and quiet, but Ashton acts like he’s already pacing the maternity ward floors – even though she’s not due for many weeks!”

Hilarious kicker: Mila’s already had some morning sickness, but it’s Ashton suffering all the mood swings!

Said the pal: “It’s been much harder on Ashton than Mila – he’s justcrazy with anticipation.”