KRIS kreeps out KIM: Kardashian Korp. will raise your kid!

 A family feud’s erupted between expectant mom KIM KARDASHIAN and whip-cracking mom-ager KRIS JENNER, who doesn’t want to let a little thing like motherhood put the family’s biggest cash cow out to pasture!

Kris had the chutzpah to inform Kim that after her baby by rapper KANYE WEST is born, she should please feel free to return to work right away because big sis KOURTNEY, already a mom of two, will pitch in with the heavy-lifting.

“Kim was livid,” divulged a friend.

“She told Kris, ‘You want Kourtney to raise MY baby?’ Kim couldn’t decide which was more insulting – her mother questioning her parental abilities or making it crystal clear that she’s simply an ATM for the whole family.”

Kris tried to quash Kim’s outrage, but her remarks have caused a rift.

“Kim really wants this baby and wants to be a good mom,” confided another pal, “and she’ll do whatever it takes –Mom be damned!”