KEVIN COSTNER’s cranky lately because a judge tossed his lawsuit claiming he’s still owed money from his 1991 “Robin Hood” – but even before that setback, the star was driving co-workers on new flick “Draft Day” CRAZY with nasty temper tantrums!

Said an on-set source: “Kevin kept blowing his stack at cameramen, boom hangers and crew people who moved while he was delivering his lines.

"You couldn’t move an inch while he was on camera or he’d get distracted and blow up!

"If he heard the click of a camera, or saw the microphone swaying above him, he’d abruptly stop the shoot, yell at the person – then demand a retake!”

During a break, Costner was overheard asking co-star SAM ELLIOTT: “Doesn’t it drive you crazy when people are moving – and the mic’s dangling right over your head?”

Rejoined unsympathetic Elliott: “No, not at all. It comes with the job.”

Getting the message, diva Kevin dropped the subject pronto. 

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