KOTB GOES KRAZY, TAKE 2: Here’s the latest on my scoop about the nasty HODA KOTBKATHIE LEE GIFFORD feud that exploded when Gifford took off for LA the week Kotb’s new book debuted – instead of sticking around to promote it on-air the way Hoda did for her sidekick’s quickly-canceled Broadway musical turkey “Scandalous.”

Incredibly, on Kathie Lee’s first day back on “Today,” she still made NO mention of Hoda’s book – and when somebody cued a song from her Broadway flop, she started singing it.

Incredulous, Hoda snapped at the “Today” crew: “Why would you play that song?” Purred Kathie Lee: “That’s a ‘Scandalous’ song.”

Rejoined Hoda: “That’s salt in the wound!”

HERE’S MY KICKER, KIDS: Next day on “Today,” Kathie Lee STILL failed to mention Hoda’s book.

Then, bantering on the topic of “friends,” Hoda said: “Sometimes you need cheerleaders, someone who…cheers you on…who doesn’t look at the cracks all the time.” Piped Kathie Lee: “A real friend will do both.” The “Today” crew burst into derisive laughter as klueless Kathie Lee whined: “What’s so funny about that?”