KimYe kut klassic baby deal: Beethoven, Bach – but NO rap!

KimYe kut klassic baby deal: Beethoven, Bach – but NO rap! thumbnail

YO, YO, YO, MY HOMIES… LISTEN UP! Gazillionaire rapper KANYE WEST just laid down this jaw-droppin’ law on baby-momma KIM KARDASHIAN’s womb – he’s declared that until the birth, the KimYe li’l sucker oven MUST be a “no rap zone!”

In a serious sit-down, no-nonsense Kanye told his lady love: “NO listening to rap music while you’re pregnant with my child!” Said a close Kanye associate: “He blew us away when he told us he’d ordered Kim to listen to nothing but classical music during her pregnancy. He said he plans to give that baby every advantage in the world, and see that it’s educated in the finest schools. The way he put it was, ‘My kid’s gonna go Ivy – and its education is going to start NOW, before it’s even born!’

And Kanye says Kim’s down with that.” Designating his darling’s womb a “no rap zone” sounds like a shocker, but in past interviews Kanye’s made it crystal clear that there’s a time and place for everything – especially the raunchy rap that made him a superstar.

When he’s chillin’ in his crib, “I don’t even listen to rap,” he told one blogger years ago.

“My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in. I have to be in a way more grimy environment to turn any rap music on!”

(Sounds like one down baby-daddy, Kim!)