KIM’s PEE-MERGENCY thumbnail

Nature abruptly issued an urgent call to kutie KIM KARDASHIAN as she and hubby KANYE WEST sat sucking up sustenance at a swanky WeHo eatery, so she leaped up and ran for the ladies room – only to find the damn door locked. 

Said My Eatery Spy: “Kim danced around outside the door for a bit, but when no one emerged, she trotted back to her table and complained to Kanye, ‘I really, really have to pee!’

"But Kanye just threw up his hands and shot her a ‘what do you want me to do?’ look. So Kim rushed back, found the ladies’ still occupied, then ran to the men’s room – but it was also locked!”… HELP! …

Kim started running around madly, searching for an empty john – until a helpful staffer offered her the toilet used by the kitchen employees.

“It’s not fancy, but it’s clear and it’s clean,” he told the star, who was doing the “gotta go” two-step.

“Anything! … Anything is fine! … I’ll take it,” she gasped gratefully. “Thank you! Thank you soooo much!”

And off she danced to … er, get the potty started!