KIEFER KRAZY? Karesses club-goers’ kissers!

KIEFER KRAZY? Karesses club-goers’ kissers! thumbnail

 His TV show’s called “Touch” – but when krazed KIEFER SUTHERLAND insanely karessed the kissers of shocked patrons at private West Hollywood club Petit Ermitage, people shrieked: “DON’T TOUCH!”

Carrying on his timeless tradition of booze-till-you-drop partying, the sloshed star stationed himself outside the club’s toilets and started pawing people’s faces as they entered and exited!

Said My SpyWitness: “It was really weird and scary – he’d grab hold of unsuspecting people and squish their cheeks together like silly putty to make funny faces, then scream with hysterical laughter.

"People were shocked and frightened by his outrageous assaults, and kept yelling at him to keep his hands to himself!”

The star’s moronic fun ended abruptly when a furious guy threatened to reach out and “Touch” him with a cocked fist! Kiefer backed off fast, quickly exiting the club with his posse!