Kidman’s pricey kicks CHOO’ed up by Outback critters!

Kidman’s pricey kicks CHOO’ed up by Outback critters! thumbnail

DINGO?…BINGO!! Talk about a gal not getting her kicks: Raging as she wrapped a day’s filming on new flick “Strangerland” in her native Australia, NICOLE KIDMAN kept shouting, “Where are my Jimmy Choo’s?!”

On location in the Land Down Under’s wild ‘n wooly Outback, Nicole had slipped off her pricey designer kicks to wear a pair from wardrobe.

Said a crew member: “Unfortunately, the wardrobe gal failed to take Nicole’s Jimmy Choo’s back to her dressing room — and left them sitting on a wooden box off the set. Toward the end of the day, Nicole freaked that her shoes were missing – and when the panicked wardrobe gal ran to where she had left them, they’d vanished.”

Crew members searched, and 20 minutes later found one Choo in the underbrush – choo’ed to pieces! The other was never found – and everyone surmised a dingo musta done it; several of the fierce wild dogs had been spotted near the location. 

“The wardrobe lass told Nicole the bad news, and expected the worst – yet she wasn’t fired,” said the source. “But she did have to endure a mighty tongue-lashing from the star, who was livid!”