Kendall, Taylor, Harry: War of the Lipsticks!

Kendall, Taylor, Harry: War of the Lipsticks! thumbnail

HARRY STYLES’ One Direction band mates, nosing around in what they call “Harry’s sack o’ crap” – a suitcase the teen idol stuffs with odds, ends, knickknacks, etc. – teased him, as they often do, zeroing in on one sexy, sentimental souvenir:

A red lipstick that’s Harry’s treasured reminder of his hotcha-gotcha days as TAYLOR SWIFT’s boyfriend!

Now here’s my scoop-dee-doo for yoo: “Acting like a bunch of bitchy little girls, Harry’s mates tattled about Taylor’s red lipstick to his on-again-off-again galpal, KENDALL JENNER, much to her chagrin,” revealed an insider.

“But instead of playing the jealousy card, konniving Kendall dropped a sexy li’l reminder of her own into Harry’s bag – a gold lipstick case monogrammed with her own ‘KJ’ initials – with just the tip of her bright pink lipstick peeking out! Harry’s mates teased him mercilessly, but he was tickled pink by Kendall’s surprise, smiling from ear to ear!”