KATE’s angry parents warn WILL: Granny & Dad MUST stop bullying!

KATE’s angry parents warn WILL: Granny & Dad MUST stop bullying! thumbnail


The fed up, frustrated mom and dad of kutie KATE MIDDLETON, aka Princess of Our Hearts, collared new son-in-law PRINCE WILLIAM and delivered a terse, no-nonsense warning: “Tell your family to back off our daughter!” (Hear, hear, dammit!)

My Palace Spy reports that MICHAEL and CAROLE MIDDLETON, deeply concerned about the well-being of their scarily underweight offspring, told Wills that stress and pressure the Royal Family relentlessly puts on Kate to bear an heir is making her ill.

“When Kate and William visited her parents’ home recently, Carole and Michael took William aside and told him to tell his family to lay off her about getting pregnant,” said the source. “While they know that he’s understanding, he needs to tell his father, PRINCE CHARLES, and his grandmother, THE QUEEN, to back off. Carole and Michael did not include Kate in their conversations with William, fearing it would cause her even more stress.” Major problem?

Doddering Dad, Prince Charles, who keeps bragging to Kate that he had PRINCESS DIANA preggers after just two months of marriage. (Amazing you found the time, Old Boy, what with CAMILLA and all!)

The ante’s been upped since Kate was advised by a top fertility expert that physically, nothing prevents her from conceiving – but she needs to overcome her mental anguish and stress. My source reports that Kate told one pal: “It’s like they’re all staring at my belly waiting eagerly for me to blurt out the news that I’m pregnant!”

NOTE TO PRINCE WILLIAM: Protect your wife, pal, else how will you protect your Kingdom when the day comes…and it will come!