Kate’s Krush On Brad Sir Pitt!?

Kate’s Krush On Brad Sir Pitt!? thumbnail

Her Royal Hotness KATE MIDDLETON’s famously ga-gagooey over BRAD PITT, and – in the wake of ANGELINA JOLIE’s recent designation as an honorary “Dame” – has launched a campaign to get her fave Hollywood heartthrob knighted by Royal Grand-Mum- In-Law, aka THE QUEEN!

Reveals my royal source, Lord Knows: “Ever since Jolie was rewarded with the honorary title of ‘Lady’ for her humanitarian activities, Kate’s been whispering to the Queen, plugging Pitt’s incredible humanitarian efforts – like using his construction expertise to build houses for New Orleans folks made homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

"The Duchess is doing what Americans call her ‘darnedest’ to get Brad’s name on the next honours list!”

(Arise, Sir Hunky!)