Isn’t it fun in fairy tales when the beautiful heroine (think Snow White or…er, KATE MIDDLETON) hits on a brilliant idea that makes Wicked StepMummy (think CAMILLA PARKER-BOWLES) absolutely crazy!?
Well, the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge just bowled over Palace officials with a stunning tourist attraction brainstorm for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London: She’s offered to display her wedding gown, jewelry, bridal china, various hats and outfits including her engagement dress, plus video and photos of her marriage to PRINCE WILLIAM, to mount a spectacular Royal Wedding exhibition that will raise serious money for charity!
“Palace officials loved the idea, and William was so proud of Kate,” reports My Royal Spy.
“But when Camilla heard of her stepdaughter-in-law’s plan, she turned green with envy. Everyone thinks it’s fabulous, but Camilla keeps saying it’s too soon for such a spectacle – especially since she and CHARLES have never had an exhibit of their wedding!”
(Say WOT?…You and Charles as a tourist attraction? Bloody ’ell, woman, shut yer gob!)…Ignoring Camilla-zilla, Palace planners are hammering out a formal proposal detailing Snow Whi…er, Kate’s incredibly brilliant idea!