I’m breaking a sweat as I break this HOT news: Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones got caught NAKED in a hotel Jacuzzi romp with their hard-body body doubles!! YEAH, BABY! After wrapping a week’s shooting on their flick “America’s Sweethearts” in Las Vegas, the movie queens boogied with cast and crew at the Hyatt Regency Lake casino until 5 a.m., then went to their rooms. But moments later, bug-eyed hotel staffers watched Julia strip off her black halter top and white bikini and splash into the hotel Jacuzzi with Catherine and their curvy body doubles for a giggly skinny-dip. At 6 a.m., security warned the stars they risked being spied on by early . . . er, risers, so they split! The hotel denies all, but kids — it’s the naked truth!

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