Jon Voight’s Payoff To Co-star Who Sleeps With Him!

Jon Voight’s Payoff To Co-star Who Sleeps With Him! thumbnail

Talk about putting lead in your  pencil!

Veteran 75-year-old star JON VOIGHT suddenly got all shy with his sexy, 40-ish “Ray Donovan” TV co-star PAULA MALCOMSON – who also plays JENNIFER LAWRENCE’s momma in “The Hunger Games” – asking hesitantly if she’d…er, prefer a body double to stand in for her during a super-steamy sex scene they were scheduled to do together the next day.

Said an on-set source: “The script called for a fantasy/ dream scene in which Jon’s having sex with his daughter-in-law, but he was really worried hard-bodied Paula might be turned off about doing the nasty with a wrinkly older dude like himself. Ever the gentleman, Jon asked if she’d prefer to have a body double do her scene. So imagine his delight when Paula smiled and said, ‘Hell, no!’”

Then it was Paula’s turn to smile, said the source, when she showed up for work next morning and found her dressing room strewn with long-stemmed white roses from jubilant Jon!