FULL DISCLOSURE: JIMMY FALLON’s now my fave late-night talk host, but my…er, integrity as a gossip columnist demands I tell all, without fear or favor, so here’s Fallon’s sick, secret obsession finally revealed: “The Real Housewives” – ALL OF THEM!

Confided a friend of Fallon’s adorable wife, NANCY JUVONEN: “Jimmy’s become such a huge fan of the naughty Bravo reality stars that he never misses an episode – he even sends Bravo execs his reactions to the shows after each viewing.

"Jimmy’s obsession started when he began watching the outrageous divas because wife Nancy liked them – and he wanted to watch with her.

"But gradually, Jimmy became the fanatic, obsessing over every episode, even when Nancy wasn’t around!

"And that’s what led to the incessant fanboy ‘Housewives’ spoofs on his late-night show.”

(Jimmy…pleeeaase get help!)