JESSICA’s Baby-Daddy warns: Get Daddy-O into rehab

JESSICA’s Baby-Daddy warns: Get Daddy-O into rehab thumbnail


JESSICA SIMPSON’s NFL baby-daddy ERIC JOHNSON’s finally convinced his about-to-be-bride that her embattled dad/manager JOE SIMPSON – who’s hitting the sauce hard since “gay” revelations hit the headlines – needs to be hustled into rehab FAST! Eric fears Sippin’ Simpson, busted for DUI in August, might hurt himself or someone else if he doesn’t straighten out. Said a source: “Even though Joe pleaded not guilty to the DUI, he’s been photographed partying like it was 1999 – even admitting to newshounds on-camera that he couldn’t talk to them because, ‘I’m buzzed!’ ” Pregnant Jessica’s relationship with Daddy’s been strained of late, but they’re finally talking heart-to-heart again, and she’s trying to make him realize he needs help NOW!