JESSICA SIMPSON totally blew her blonde stack when she arrived at her newly purchased home in a swanky San Fernando Valley gated community – and discovered nosy rubber-neckers strolling around inside! “

Jessica had just bought the house from ex-‘America’s Got Talent’ judge SHARON OSBOURNE and rocker hubby OZZY, and is totally renovating the interior,” said My San Fernando Spy.

“The house was open, with more than a dozen workers coming in and out, so the neighbors just decided they’d have a look – not expecting to come face to face with a furious star.”

Jessica, who’d popped by to meet with her decorator, barked angrily at the brazen looky-loos: “Who ARE you people?” When they said they were just neighbors having a look around, Jessica told them: “You’re trespassing – get off my property!”

Nosy Neighbors left pronto, and Jessica quickly complained to the community’s gate guards. Told she’d have to hire private security guards to patrol her property, Jessica did just that – so the fun’s over, peek-a-boo people!